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I am presenting my collection of beautiful and exquisite Romanian Point Lace designs which consists of coasters, medium and large doilies, table runners, Christmas ornaments, bookmarks, greeting card inserts, butterflies, sea shells, some appliques for t-shirt/blouses, collars etc.

I am also presenting a collection of beautiful Needlepoint designs. The collection contains landscapes, portraits and floral designs.

A few very pretty Cross Stitch designs are enclosed in the site.

My company has been around since 1998 and my designs have been published in Embroidery Association of Canada, Canadian Lacemaker Gazette and they have been known throughout Canada and the Unites States. I am also selling them to Japan and made them known to United Kingdom and Australia.

Born in South/Eastern part of Romania, by the Black Sea, I live in Canada, beautiful British Columbia, since 1986. Romanian Point Lace along with other needlework techniques have been my hobby since my childhood. I learned cross stitch from my mother at a very early age, when I was 8-9 years old and from my grandmother I learned to knit and crochet when I was only 6-7 years old.

Romanian Point Lace is a very old technique of making beautiful and exquisite lace, very popular in Romania, originating in Transylvania.

RPL is a combination of crochet and needle lace stitches. One or two, or even three types of braids are made with a crochet hook, then they are basted down on the fabric pattern following the pattern outline. The side that faces the fabric pattern is going to be the right side. All the work is done on the wrong side. The braids are joined where they touch in order to create a framework and only then the decorative filling stitches are worked with a tapestry needle. The needle lace stitches consist of weaving, looping(buttonhole stitches, blanket stitches), knotting etc. Bridges are added to the design to connect the braids in wider areas and, on some designs a maze of braids is created to enhance the beauty of the pattern. When the pattern is finished the basting thread is carefully cut and the pattern is separated from the fabric pattern. The pattern can be stiffened in a starch sollution, let it drip off the excess and, while still wet, try to give it the original shape and iron it over a piece of cloth.

The RPL designs are presented in separate pages by categories, therefore, please make sure that you visit every page and enjoy the beautiful designs.

Although it looks intricate, RPL is not hard to make at all. It requires patience and time like any other needlework project but it is very easy to make and fun to do. The instructions are very well prepared covering every aspect of the technique in great details, providing the stitchers, both the novice and the experienced, with tips and step-by-step illustrations.

Most of my designs are sold in "kits" and "patterns" and some in "patterns" only, while others are sold only in "kits". A kit contains the fabric pattern, all necessary threads(mostly DMC Cebelia Cotton thread), one tapestry and one sharp pointed needles, easy-to-follow, step-by-step illustrated instructions and the picture of the finished design.

Some kits, like the ones for Christmas Ornaments contain beads. The Christmas Ornaments are made in DMC Cebelia Cotton thread, in Valdani DImension technique using the beautifully colored variegated Valdani threads and, in metallic threads as well. A pattern contains the fabric pattern, the two needles, instructions and the picture of the finished design.

The table cloths are sold only in "patterns" and, on the first page of the instructions it is indicated the quantity and type of thread required to complete the pattern.

The bookmarks and card inserts are sold only in "kits".

The crochet hook is not included in the kits or pattern packages. A size 1.05-1.15mm(11-10 steel USA) crochet hook is required to crochet the Cotton braids. For the braids made with the metallic threads, a size 1.75mm(4 steel USA) crochet hook need to be purchased.

I am also offering RPL classes at some of the shops that carry my designs and at some needlework organizations' Seminars like Embroiderers' Association of Canada, Calgary Olds fiber Potpourri, Gibson Landing Arts Festival and, voluntarily, at some local cultural events like at the Burnaby Village Museum.

The Needlepoint designs are sold in "kits" and in "charts only". The kits contain the canvas(14 ct or 15 ct, double or single mesh), embroidery floss, tapestry needle, professionally made chart, instructions and the picture of the finished design.

The Cross Stitch kits contain Aida Cloth, embroidery floss, tapestry needle, professionally made charts, instructions and the picture of the finished design.

Interested wholesaler please contact us for wholesale price lists.

Elena's NeedleArts
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